About Us

About us

If  you find yourself in Houston looking for a ride, then look no further,  as Autolink Rental has everything you need for a road trip.

We specialize in offering a large  number of vehicles for rent, including 12 - 15-passenger vans, suburban and minivan. Through the  offering of advanced online and offline car rental services, flexible  pick-up and returns, brand new vehicles and affordable services, we look  forward to reaching a varied customer base and soon spread all over Texas with our world-class car rental services.

Our mission is to enrich tourists,  families, corporate/non-corporate, profit/non-profit organizations with  world-class car rental services that help satisfy all their road trip  needs. We offer car rental services for people on business trips as well  as on leisurely vacations, and our easy and fast online booking  services make it exceptionally easy to book a trip and get going. We  look forward to fostering the development of transportation  infrastructure in Greater Houston through our services. We also look  forward to providing our customers with a safe and easy solution for all  road trip needs.   

Our vehicles

12 passenger vans

15 passenger vans

Chevrolet Suburbans


Why autolink

- Great Vehicles

-Friendly local customer service

-Flexible service compared to the bigger companies

Very competitive pricing